Certified Information Systems Auditor


Short Study period

Within a few months, you will become BSc, CISA / HND, CISA / ACA, CISA or FCA, CISA. And you get to have additional qualifications that make you more marketable than just BSc, HND, ACA, FCA.


It prepares you in meeting high professional standards with ISACA's requirements and Continuing Professional Education program.


Wondering if you're qualified to sit for CISA? Good news is that no qualification is required.

Increased Worth

You get to enjoy competitive advantage in the job market and with job growth. As well as, increased value of the individual within the organization

Empowered for more

It serves as a Confirmation of an individual's knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field as well as the ability to successfully meet challenges that may arise.


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Frequently asked questions

Certified Information System Auditor.

It is an IT Audit certification that is recognized worldwide and recognized by ALL organizations for auditing computerized systems be it financial, operational, etc.

No Minimum Requirement for the Exam. No need for credit at any level and in any subject. You can write the exam with or without any qualifications.

It is a ONE-stage exam.

You can write the exam online anytime you are ready and anywhere. You can also take the exam physically at an in-person testing center. The exam is written whenever you are ready.

The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions (Objectives) and you are expected to pick the best answer for each question.

You are expected to have a minimum score of 450 out of 800.

  • Classes are held on weekends; Saturdays and Sundays
  •  Classes commence in January, May, and September
  • The duration for each class is 3 months

Minimum deposit of 70%, balance to be paid within 30 days.

We use a combination of video lectures and live online classes to prepare you for your exams. The video lectures can be watched at your pace while the live online classes are held on weekends. All classes are recorded and the recordings are available if you missed the classes. There’s a quiz section where you can practice questions and view your result.

You can access your courses on our website and mobile app on your Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet.

Yes, there’s a WhatsApp group that serves as a discussion forum and you can ask questions and get answers on the group.

You can reach out to one of our customer support representatives via WhatsApp on 07044576011 or 08080665292.

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