Certified Information Systems Auditor


Short Study period

Within a few months, you will become BSc, CISA / HND, CISA / ACA, CISA or FCA, CISA. And you get to have additional qualifications that make you more marketable than just BSc, HND, ACA, FCA.


It prepares you in meeting high professional standards with ISACA's requirements and Continuing Professional Education program.

Increased Worth

You get to enjoy competitive advantage in the job market and with job growth. As well as, increased value of the individual within the organization

Empowered for more

It serves as a Confirmation of an individual's knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field as well as the ability to successfully meet challenges that may arise.


Take that bold step to become a CISA

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Frequently asked questions

CISA is an acronym for Certified Information Systems Auditor. It is a term used for people who have passed a recognized exam set by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) for people who have been trained in how to Audit Information System i:e auditing of a computerized environment.

CISA certification is recognized all over the world for Accountants, Bankers, External Auditors Internal Auditors, Information system Auditors, Internal Control Officers, Graduates, Undergraduates, IT auditors, audit managers, consultants, and security professionals, etc.

No Minimum requirement for the Exam. A graduate or undergraduate in any discipline can train and sit for the exam.

It is a one stage exam. Once you pass the 4hrs paper, you earn the designation CISA having acquired the required work experience.

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