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Good day professional colleague! Yes, I’m referring to you as a professional colleague. This is what I like to call our students at ICAN Online Tutors

Let me tell you something, before you can become anything in life, you have to envision yourself as that thing, this will serve as a motivation in attaining that feat. Before I became a Chartered Accountant, I had envisioned myself becoming a Chartered Accountant. Despite facing one or two challenges, I came out gaining the prestigious “ACA”. When people see me today, they give me so much respect. Sometimes, when people see me with the ‘ICAN bag’ gifted to me on my induction day which had the ICAN logo and acronym on it, they ask me if I’m a Chartered Accountant and when I respond in affirmative, some congratulate me while the reactions of others say more than that. 

Don’t let me be carried away by the honour the prestigious certificate of the Institute brings to the holders. At least that will be in another article and not this one. Let me focus on today’s topic which is “90-DAY STUDY CHALLENGE ”.

I have been receiving a lot of calls and messages from many students hoping to write the May 2022 Diet exams and one of the frequently asked questions is if they can still catch up if they join the class. My default answer to this question is ‘YES’. It’s no news to our keen followers that we have presented candidates for the prestigious exams in much fewer days and they were able to ace the exams of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. 

The advert for the May 2022 Diet exams was released some days ago and the exams are set to hold between 17th May 2022 and 19th May 2022. This means you have about 90 Days before the commencement of exams. I can assure you that if you join our classes today and follow our strategies, you will pass your exams this May 2022 diet. 

You can start by watching our May 2022 Diet Sensitisation Day Seminar: https://youtu.be/IPnx-iOirAA. We invited two of our existing students who had aced their exams at first attempt. One of them passed all his papers at skills level just within 45 Days of joining the classes. You can watch the seminar on our YouTube Channel here. Another one shared his story of passing his Financial Reporting course within 10 days of joining our classes. A lady also shared her testimony that she passed her Advanced Taxation class within 1 week of joining our classes without reading any other study materials.

Before I go, let me warn those that are procrastinating that procrastination is a killer of dreams. Just because a student passed his/her exams within 45 days or 10 days or a week doesn’t mean you should delay joining the classes till the last minute. A lot of students like to do this. While we have a good success rate from students, we strongly advise students to join the class on time and start learning.

To know more about our classes, kindly visit www.icanonlinetutors.com.ng or contact us on phone via 08080665292 or 08185993275.

We wish you good knowledge, retentive memory, and success as you join us today.

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