Don’t Wait For ICAN Result

Hello ACA,

Yes. I’m referring to you reading this blog post as ACA – Associate Chartered Accountant. Don’t be surprised, you are almost there. Before you open and close your eyes, you would have earned the prestigious title.

Well, this post is not for everyone. It is for those that missed the May 2021 diet and are hoping to take the November 2021 diet. However, it might be of benefit to you too or someone that you know. So, kindly read till the end and forward to a family, friend, colleague, etc. You may be a stepping stone for someone that will eventually become a chartered accountant.

I have received a lot of messages, calls, and emails from students that want to write ICAN exams in November, expressing interest in our classes and reluctant to enroll now because the May 2021 diet result isn’t out and if our video lectures are up to date with the new syllabus.

Firstly, let me clear your doubt as regards the new syllabus. The new syllabus came about as a result of the new finance act 2020 introduced by the federal government in 2020 which has some effects on the Nigerian tax law and tax system as a whole. Please note that the new syllabus affects mainly TAXATION at skills level & ADVANCED TAXATION. Also, note that our tutors will explain the effect of the new syllabus on these 2 courses and answer your questions to clear your doubts on them. You can click here or to confirm this.

Secondly, this is why you should enroll in our classes now and start preparing for your ICAN EXAMS. Many students wonder why they fail ICAN exams or why they don’t understand many topics or courses taken by tutors. The truth is that ICAN isn’t hard when you prepare and preparation sometimes means starting early. You might think that the November diet is still far and you have more than enough time but the truth is that you can not predict what will happen between now and November. You might get a new job that will take a lot of your time and hence, you won’t have time to study. Or your boss can ask you to work on a project that is time-consuming or it could be your children that require much of your time because they are on holidays and need your attention. If you study in bits early, you would be surprised at what you would accomplish over time.

Many students have enrolled in our ICAN classes and have started preparing for the November 2021 diet. Make up your mind today and start your journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant.

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