As the ICAN exams draw closer, there’s always this fear of unpreparedness amongst students. You feel like you have not prepared enough for your ICAN exams. Your first victory is to clear such thoughts from your mind and reassure yourself that you are prepared for the exams. From my experience, many of my friends and colleagues had this fear too and today they have the acronym ACA to their names. Many would wish the exam could be postponed. The reality is that even if the exam is postponed, you would still feel unprepared, so why don’t you take the bull by the horn.

In this post, I would be giving you helpful tips that may help you in overcoming fears and successfully going through the exams. These tips are based on my personal experience and not conclusive.


Know that you must write this exam no matter how prepared you think you are and you stand a good chance to pass the exams. Fear would only increase the possibility of failure and that’s not an option to consider. Be rest assured that there are so many that didn’t prepare as much as you have done but passed their exams. So, go into the examination hall with all confidence. Remember that David couldn’t match the strength of Goliath but was able to defeat him. See yourself as David and the exam as Goliath.


Getting prepared for the exam is very important. You could get disorganized within a short period and this could affect your performance in the exam. If you have not been to the exam center before, you could visit a few days before exam day to know the place. Sometimes, finding your way to the exam center could prove difficult due to the bad address system we have in the country. Also, get your clothes ready. Some exam centers could be a bit cold or you could be sitting close to the A/C. If you are the type that doesn’t like a cold atmosphere, kindly go to the exam center with a cardigan or sweater. Lastly, ensure you have all your writing materials ready for the exam. I suggest you go to the exam hall with your writing materials in twos (2 pens, 2 calculators, etc.). I have heard of many experiences where calculators stopped working during exams. If you can’t go to the exam hall with 2 calculators, make sure the one you have is working perfectly.


Make sure you get to the exam center early and find where your seat is located. Avoid engaging in panic reading. You can revise your jotter, lesson notes, pathfinder, etc. but avoid a cluster of

people testing their intellectual prowess. You might feel you have not prepared enough if you decide to engage with them. Make sure you go to the examination hall with a wristwatch to keep a tab on the time left. Once the exam halls are opened, try and find your way into the exam hall as soon as you can as the doors could be closed once it’s few minutes before the time. Also, try and control your fluid intake before the exam as you might not be allowed to go to the toilet in the first hour of the exams and possibly some minutes to the end of the exams. Avoid talking to those sitting close to you and ensure you read and follow all instructions of the instructor and on the question booklets. Make sure you attempt all questions required of you and avoid answering more than the required questions. If you think there’s a question you do not know, try and relate the question to your daily life; work experience, home, business, etc., or something you had read before and write something down. Sometimes, what you think is a wrong answer may be right. You do not lose anything and would not be penalized for writing a wrong answer and you stand to gain everything if you are correct.

I would suggest that you answer the questions from the one you perceive to be the easiest. While you answer your questions, ensure that you time yourself and do not waste time unnecessarily on any question.


Once you are through with your exams, don’t join the bandwagon in knowing what they wrote in exams and if they got it right or wrong. If you would be having another paper, kindly find a quite place to revise for the next paper or take a break. If that’s your last paper, kindly go home and take a rest. Attempting to find out how well you did in the exam may only cause more harm than good. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about the exam again. You should rather put your trust in God at that moment and hope you come out victorious.


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