Self Study vs Group Study: Which Is Best For ICAN Preparation?

ICAN May Diet is barely 33 days from now, how prepared are you? Have you kickstarted personal reading or joined a group? In recent days, we’ve received a couple of requests for information about how best to study; so the big question for today is- Self Study vs Group Study: Which Is Best For ICAN Preparation? Relax, open your mind and learn from this blog post today. 

Everyone has their own capacity for information retention, as well as study habits that work best for them. Sometimes, your study habits might change depending on the subject matter or even course.  

No doubt, you cannot trash out self study completely even when you opt for group study. That is, after studying with your group, it is necessary for you to revise all that has been covered for retention purposes.

For the sake of this blog post, we will focus on the short time frame involved in getting prepared for your ICAN professional examination (About 33 days).  So what can you achieve within a month with self study or group study?

Self Study vs Group Study: Which Is Best For ICAN Preparation?


ICAN professional examination will require significant time studying and digging through material and practice questions on your own. Time spent personally reflecting on the information you’re studying is critical to truly understanding it. As with any studying technique, though, there are some things to consider with this necessary method.

The Pros: Studying solo gives you maximum flexibility to study when and where it’s convenient for you, whether you want to fit in a study session after work or open your study materials while you’re waiting for your meal.

The Cons: If you come across a topic or concept that you’re having difficulty understanding when you’re studying by yourself, you may be unable to ask others for help right away.

Preparing for the ICAN exam requires more than just memorizing and reciting material. You must also understand the application and be able to connect different topics together. Studying in a group allows you to collaborate with others who may be able to help you understand those concepts and make those connections.  


Preparing for your ICAN professional examination becomes easier when you join a reliable, active study group. 

The Pros:

Studying with other people is kind of like being in class because you are able to hear what your colleagues have to say. When you’re in a group, you have the ability to bounce ideas off of one another, which is a great way to go over particularly complicated topics.

Everyone interprets information differently. Your perception of a situation could be completely different than someone else’s and being able to discuss those analyses with one another can help give you a better understanding of that topic.

Being in a group also allows you to test yourself by teaching others. As mentioned before, sometimes when you’re studying with other people, you go over subjects you’re already comfortable with. Take that opportunity to share that knowledge.

Additionally, studying in a group can help calm your nerves. Preparing for the ICAN exam can feel overwhelming. Knowing that there are other people going through the same thing can help you feel like you’re not alone and can make the task feel more manageable. 


ICAN Online Tutors have created a platform that combines the benefits of a Solo Study Habit and Group Study. Hence, from the comfort of your home, you can study at your pace and still study with other ICAN candidates.

Not to worry, we’ve broken down the details here. We will love you to partake in our simplified study solution as you prepare for your ICAN May Diet.

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