Success Tips For ATS

When examination day gets closer, there is usually a build up of tension and overwhelming feeling. Fear will take over and many candidates won’t be sure if they have studied adequately. ATS examination is scheduled to take place in few weeks time, hence, we wish to share some success tips for ATS examination. 

Before we proceed to how you can get ready for your ATS examination and smash all questions like a pro, we will advise you take a moment to read what the ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN SCHEME (ATS) is all about, the benefits involved and FAQs.

We believe that you must have actively participated in our series of online classes (on Telegram, WhatsApp and Youtube), equipping you with all the necessary information and knowledge about the ATS examination. As you round up your preparation, here are our proven success tips for you.

Success Tips For ATS


1. Revise All You’ve Read:

It is worthwhile to read through all you’ve read in the past weeks. This is necessary for you to refresh your memory on all topics you’ve covered and also help you identify areas that you need to intensify your attention on.

2. Get Enough Sleep:

Crash reading is not helpful for examination. You should not deprive yourself of good sleep, especially few days to examination. Get enough sleep so your body and brain can be fully prepared for the task ahead. When you don’t get enough sleep, you tend to forget what you’ve read easily.

3. Locate Your Exam Centre:

It will be really wrong to put yourself through the stress of locating your exam centre on the day of exam. You are most likely going to be late for the papers, and even end up being overwhelmed and disorganized. We advise that you locate your exam centre a few days prior to your exam. That way, you won’t be under any duress on the exam day.

4. Gather Your Exam Materials:

Be fully prepared for the examination by purchasing all the materials you need to attempt your questions. You will need the following:

  • 2 Pens
  • 2 Pencils
  • 1 Eraser
  • 2 Calculators
  • A Wristwatch


1. Wake Up Early:

Avoid Sleeping late the night before. Sleep early so you can rise in the morning early enough. It won’t speak well of you to run late to your professional examination.

2. Eat Breakfast:

No matter how small the food is, ensure you eat something nutritious in the morning. You need to feed your body well so your brain can get adequate glucose to help process the questions. You don’t want to end up feeling weak in the examination hall.

3. Monitor Your Fluid Intake:

One of the things you need to take note of is the amount of water or soft drink you take on the exam day. Time is precious, so you shouldn’t waste it visiting the restroom frequently due to a full bladder. Drink less water before it’s time to start your ATS examination.

4. Get To Your Exam Centre Early:

Why arrive late to your exam centre when you can get there earlier? Remember that it pays to be hours early than to be late for a few minutes. Lost time can’t be recovered.

5. Stay Calm:

It pays to be calm throughout the examination, especially when you perceive the questions to be difficult. Relax yourself physically during the test, especially if you notice that you are not thinking well or your muscles are tight. Take deep breaths at intervals. Panicking won’t help.


These success tips for ATS are effective in smashing your ATS examination questions in one sitting. Your favorite ICAN Online Tutors are readily available to provide professional assistance before your examination day. Send us a whatsapp message if you need us to guide you before the examination day.


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