how to deal with examination failure

How To Deal With Examination Failure

How To Deal With Examination Failure

According to John Maxwell, the difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure. This means that all people fail at one point in their lives, but what makes the difference is the way they react to the failure, and the willingness to not quit. Today, we are keen on showing you how to deal with examination failure if your ICAN examination did not go the way you wanted it to be.

We agree that if you do not get the result you were expecting or hoping for, it can really knock you for six. In fact, failing even the most minor test – let alone a Major exam like ICAN– can leave you feeling frustrated, dejected and devastated, not to mention embarrassed. Knowing how to manage your behaviour and emotions if you fail your professional ICAN exam isn’t usually something you will find instinctive. Therefore, the first step to getting back on your feet is not to be too hard on yourself. Instead, take it slow and walk on the examination path again.

How To Deal With Examination Failure

These are proven ways you can cope with examination failure:

#1 Resist The Urge To Agonize

We understand that your emotions will be on the edge when you know all your efforts, the sleepless nights and the money you spent didn’t come through. However, we strongly advise that you don’t brood over the situation. Instead, do these:

  • Do Something You Love No Matter How Small  
  • Sweat Out Your Emotions  
  • Spend Time With Someone Who Makes You Laugh 

Failure can evoke frustration and the unshakeable feeling that you’ll be devoid of happiness forever. Remind yourself that these feelings are temporary by engaging in activities that bring you joy — doing so reinforces that life goes on and everything will be okay

#2 Make a New Plan

If you want to get to your career peak as an Accountant in Nigeria, you can not push aside professional examinations. Hence, you need to brace up and make new plans on how to smash the exam at the next attempt.

Strategize on how when you want to retake the examination, how you want to study differently, what difference you want to make in this new attempt etc

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#3 Join an Active Study Group

Honestly, we often need a source of motivation in doing the things that matter the most. In your new walk to success, it won’t be a bad idea to have trusted hands hold you through. Joining an active study hub has several benefits. This is why at IOT, we are dedicated to walking you (and many other ICAN candidates) to success through our intensive tutelage. Visit our ICAN Examination page to find out how to join our exclusive study group.

#4 Set Study Goals

While you get access to unlimited study materials, and even numerous tutorials, you need to study at your set time. Ensure to set study goals for the day, the week and the month. Smashing these goals makes you feel more confident and prepared. Do not hesitate to ask questions whenever you do not understand the topics you are working on. That is why the study group is up and running for you.

#5 Believe & Pray

While you take the walk of success with us at ICAN Online Tutors and study effectively with the resources we will provide you, you also need to open up your mind to positivity. Believe you can smash your examination in the next attempt and pray to your God. 

Restrategize, Study with IOT and Believe!

In Conclusion, examination failure has high impacts on mental health if allowed to weigh you down. At ICAN Online Tutors, we give you another chance to become successful at your next attempt.

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