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With the increased demand for remote learning and meetings, Zoom has gained remarkable popularity in the virtual world. Learning how to use Zoom effectively is therefore necessary for teachers and students in order to ensure remote learning is done seamlessly.

At ICAN Online Tutors, most of our live lectures are hosted on Zoom. Consequently, all our registered tutors and students need to understand how Zoom works and its unique features. In today’s blog post, we will show you how you can maximize the use of Zoom for an easy learning process.


Zoom is a video conferencing platform that provides a way for instructors and students to meet online via their personal computers or mobile phones with or without using video. On Zoom, instructors can set up meetings to conduct online classes, as well as record them for future access by students.


Zoom combines HD video conferencing, online business meetings, webinars, as well as mobile capabilities into just one collaborative solution. How awesome!!! In fact, the best part is that only one person has to download Zoom (maybe the instructor). Everyone else can simply click on the meeting link from their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop and they will be part of the live session. 

Zoom’s key features include the following:

  • HD video chat and conferencing
  • Audio conferencing using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Instant messaging
  • Virtual backgrounds for video calls
  • Screen sharing and collaborative whiteboards
  • Hosting video webinars


In this step-to-step guide, we will cover the following:

  • How To Get Started With Zoom
  • How To Set Up A Zoom Meeting
  • How To Join A Zoom Meeting
  • How To Effectively Use Zoom

How To Get Started With Zoom

  1. On Desktop or PC

Step 1: To get started with Zoom, head to their website, and click on the “SIGN UP” button that’s at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: You will have to create an account. To do so, you can either 

  • Create a new account using your work email address.
  • Sign in using SSO (Single Sign-On) or your Google or Facebook account.

Step 3: Zoom will then send you a confirmation link via email. Click on that link.  

Step 4: Download the Zoom desktop app for easy access.

  1. On Mobile Devices

Step 1: Download the Zoom iOS or Android app from the App Store/Play Store.

Step 2: Sign up or sign in to Zoom by following the on-screen instructions that are similar to the desktop process.

How To Set Up A Zoom Meeting

  1. For Desktop

A. Starting A Zoom Meeting

Step 1: Log in to your Zoom account.

Step 2: Hover your cursor over the “HOST A MEETING” button at the top-right corner of the screen, and select one of the following options:

  • With Video On
  • With Video Off
  • Screen Share Only

Step 3: The website will redirect you to the Zoom app and start a meeting. Here, you can edit meeting settings or copy the “Invitation URL” that you send to the attendees.

Note: You can also start a meeting quickly through the desktop app by following the instructions we listed for mobile devices later on.

B. Adding Participants

Step 1: Start a new meeting on the Zoom desktop app.

Step 2: In the new meeting screen, click on the “Invite” button in the toolbar at the bottom.

Step 3: Here, Zoom will give you the options to either Copy URL or Copy Invitation. You can send these to participants via text, email or instant messaging.

Step 4: You can also directly email the meeting details through your preferred email client via the Zoom app itself.

2. For Mobile Devices

A. Starting A Zoom Meeting

Step 1: Open the Zoom mobile app and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Tap the orange “New Meeting” icon that appears on your screen.

Step 3: Edit meeting settings according to your preferences (such as switching video off for participants, using a Personal Meeting ID, etc.).

Once you’re done, tap the blue “Start A Meeting” button.

B. Adding Participants

Step 1: Once the meeting starts, tap the “Participant” icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen to add and manage participants.

Step 2: In the Participants window that opens up, tap on the “Invite” option at the bottom left.

Zoom will now give you the option to share your meeting details via a variety of communication platforms. These include various text, email and messaging apps on your smartphone.

C. How To Join A Zoom Meeting

Here’s a step-by-step guide to join a Zoom meeting quickly:

Note: The same steps apply to both your desktop and your phone.

(A) Join Using A Meeting Link

If you have a meeting link, just click on it or paste it into your web browser to join the meeting.

(B) Join Using A Meeting ID

Step 1: Open the Zoom app and click on the “Join” icon.

Step 2: Paste the Meeting ID in the box provided, add your display name for the meeting and click on the “Join” button.

You’re now all set!

Tips For Effective Use of Zoom

  • Install zoom on your device.
  • Set up your workspace: You should dedicate a space in your crib for the session. It could be a desk on which you can place your device, as well as your writing notes. Ensure there is proper lighting in your workspace, especially if you want to use video. 
  • Inform Your Loved Ones About the class: You need to be concentrated in class as much as possible. Therefore, informing your family and friends who are home with you will enable them to minimize noise and other forms of distractions.
  • Mute Your Audio: Immediately you are given access to the virtual class on Zoom, you need to mute your Audio in order not to distract everyone with your background noise. The only time you should unmute your audio is when you need to ask a question or contribute your opinions. 
  • Ensure You Have Access to Strong Internet Connection: You need a strong network to make use of Zoom effectively. A seamless connection flow will enable you to enjoy the video lectures.
  • Fully Charge Your Devices: Whether you are streaming from your laptop or mobile device, you need to ensure the battery is fully charged. Know this, Zoom consumes battery heavily, hence, you should charge well. If possible, have your power bank charged as well.


Zoom is a great virtual learning platform. It is easily to use, free and accessible on different devices. Now that you know how to use zoom,  be ready to join our online study classes like a pro.

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