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Due to the big blow on the world caused by Covid-19 pandemic, learning from home became absolutely necessary. The World witnessed a significant shift from its normal way of doing things; obviously, education was not exempted. The need to continue learning arose fiercely as life can’t be on a complete hold. Remote learning became more popular and many individuals and organizations embraced it warmly.

Firstly, we need to admit that there are several benefits of learning from home. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.


  1. It makes learning flexible: Learning from home gives you the opportunity to learn in a flexible manner. You can learn at your own pace, at any time of the day unless there are set times for classes, meetings, or lectures in which you must attend. Most times, you also get access to the replay of such meetings should in case you miss it.
  2. Remote Learning Fosters Friendships & Networking: Enrolling for online courses means you are likely to be in contact with students from different locations. Consequently, it will lead to the beginning of some beautiful long-distance friendships with people who can offer you different perspectives and values.
  3. It is Cost-Effective: You tend to spend less when you enroll for a course online, compared to attending a physical class. It gives you the opportunity to learn your choice of course at the comfort of your home, at a highly favorable fee.
  4. Ensures Your Safety: Learning from home keeps you safe from getting physical contacts with other people, most especially during this pandemic period. Therefore, your risk of Covid-19 is reduced.

Considering the numerous benefits that comes with learning from home, our team at ICAN Online Tutors ensured our online learning facilities are conducive for learning and aid your preparation for success in your professional examinations. To get the best out of our online lectures, we’ve gathered few tips that can help you greatly.


(1) Be Accountable:

Set goals at the beginning of the course, and check in with yourself weekly. In a traditional classroom setting, you will often receive reminders of upcoming lectures, assignments and tests. You can do the same while learning from home.  If you are having trouble holding yourself responsible, pair up with a fellow colleague, or request for the help of a friend to check in as an accountability partner. By being organized, proactive, & self-aware, you can get the most from your online class even when life outside of school becomes chaotic.

(2) Practice Time Management:

You will agree that one of the biggest appeals of learning from home is the flexibility to create your own learning schedule. However, that freedom can be detrimental if you do not have strong time management skills. Without managing your time properly, you might easily find yourself piling up on lectures. Therefore, you need to create a weekly schedule that you can follow.

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(3) Set Up a Dedicated Study Space:

You need to set up a dedicated environment for studying. By completing your study there repeatedly, you will begin to establish a routine. Whether your study space is your kitchen table, a library, or a corner in your room, it is necessary for you to determine what type of environment will work best for you. Hence, you need to experiment to discover which type of setting boosts your productivity. You will become more organized when you set up a study station for yourself. You will be able to hit your goals better when you have an organized space. Also, when setting up your study space, ensure you have the following:

  • A reliable, high-speed internet connection
  • The required materials for the course
  • Headphones for listening to lectures or discussions 

(4) Eliminate Distractions:

From Netflix to social media trends to dishes piling up in the sink, you will be faced with many distractions that can easily affect your online studies. The best online student knows how to lessen these distractions, as well as set aside time to learn.

(5) Actively Participate:

In order for you to understand your course better, as well as enjoy the learning process, it is advisable that you are actively involved. You should interact with your tutors and your fellow colleagues. Ask questions on live sessions and on the dedicated groups. In fact, your active participation will foster fruitful networking.


Although, learning from home comes with its own unique challenges, it remains an excellent option to hit your education and career goals. Truth is, practice makes perfect. You will get to be more productive learning remotely over time.


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